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Reframe is designed to empower students in grades 9th through their first year of college with the opportunity to acquire the life and job skills that are necessary for career success. Also, Reframe assists students in post-secondary planning and provides them with job and internship opportunities. Since the start of the program in 2000, over 180 internship opportunities have been provided to our students.


Reframe is more than job skills and placement program; it focuses on building character and competency for young adults to accomplish their career and life goals. Reframe recognizes how crucial it is to work with young adults in a more holistic approach. With this in mind, each student builds relationships with coaches and participates in interactive learning environments to gain core values critical to their success.


Team building, identifying and applying personality types, skills assessments, finding

passions, and setting goals.


Identifying paradigms and principles, proactivity and initiative, writing a mission statement, setting priorities, positive thinking, communication, teamwork, and self-care.


Leadership, employee excellence, conflict resolution, financial

literacy, customer service, public speaking, job searching, resume building, and interviewing.


Summer internships, special field trips and workshops, alumni 

services, and college planning assistance.

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