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Our Mission

We exist to love, equip, and empower inner-city youth to fulfill their

God-given purpose.

Our Vision

Every student will be spiritually enriched, emotionally stable, academically prepared, and career ready.

Our Values

Our values at Urban Youth Impact are Responsibility, Selflessness, Unity, Learning, and Dedication

Our Impact

UYI services are designed to help children rise out of disadvantage, develop a relationship with the Lord, see new possibilities for their lives, commit to their education, and gain career readiness skills.

Free Private School Education
for 52 Inner-city Students

Improved The Lives of 9,375 Children and Youth

Over 27 Years of Love and Commitment to the Community

On Average, Improved Reading Rates from 13% to 77%

Led Over 800 Individuals to Begin a Relationship With Christ

Experienced 100% Graduation Rate for High School Students

Better Together Luncheon

Hobbs Center - UYI

April 10th


22nd Annual Golf Classic

Turtle Creek Club

May 13th


Women's Race

9th Annual Fall Stampede 5K

Meyer Amphitheater

Nov 23rd


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