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Founded in 1997, Urban Youth Impact is the only faith-based organization serving the most at-risk inner-city youth in Palm Beach County, primarily through an award-winning after-school program. They are loved through trusting relationships, equipped with academics to succeed in school, empowered with leadership skills to begin successful careers, their potential is expanded by discovering artistic and creative talents, and they are guided to discover their purpose in life.

Each week more than 300 inner-city youth are loved, equipped and empowered by this ministry and its funding partners through award-winning signature programs The Leadership  Academy (TLA), 

Reframe and CREATE.

The primary focus is in neighborhoods identified by Children’s Services Council as areas with the most at-risk children based on indicators such as poverty levels, school readiness, graduation rates, teen birth rates, percent of children on free/reduced lunch and the evidence of fatherlessness. Areas include West Palm Beach’s Tamarind Avenue corridor and sections of Riviera Beach.


We exist to love, equip and empower inner-city youth to fulfill their God-given purpose.


We Own Nothing

Everything we have is from God and for God, including our lives; we have been bought with a price. We submit to the One we serve and abide in Him. From a place of gratefulness, we enjoy our role as stewards, doing more with less.

We “Own” It

As servants, we take personal responsibility for our role in everything. When we have a goal, we do everything we can to reach it. When we see that something needs to be done, we do it. When we fail or make a mistake, we own it. When we encounter problems, we find solutions. When we hurt others, we own it. When we are hurt, we forgive, even if not asked.

We Are Ambitious For The Mission & The Team

In light of the crucial work before us, we sacrifice for the mission and the team. This is more than a job. Our work is on the heart of God. It is His work. It is bigger than us. It needs all of us, not an individual. We are committed. We are all in. We act in a way that is in the best interest of the team and the mission, no self.

We Learn To Grow

As individuals and as an organization, we will always need to get better. We look for ways to improve, and when found, we will adapt to grow. We learn to get better and to be more fruitful and effective.

We Give Our Best

As stewards, doing things halfway is not an option. We are created in the image of an awesome, intentional, creative and excellent God. This carries great responsibility. Where standards are clear, we do nothing less. Where standards are not clear, we do nothing less than our best.


2022 - Charity Navigator Top Rated Charity - 2022

2022 - NonprofitsFirst Excellence in Non-Profit Management

2019  -  NonprofitsFirst renewed Urban Youth Impact’s Excellence in Nonprofit Management

accreditation for the next 2 years, one of only 25 nonprofits in Palm Beach County to receive this accreditation out of approximately 6,000 nonprofits county-wide.

2019  -  A City Proclamation was awarded by West Palm Beach Mayor Muoio to Urban Youth Impact for its 22+ year commitment and dedication to the Tamarind Avenue community.

2015  -  Chick-fil-A chose Urban Youth Impact as the True Inspiration Award winner.

2013  -  Extraordinary Charities of Palm Beach County recognized Urban Youth Impact for its excellent work among inner-city youth.

2012  -  Bank of America presented Urban Youth Impact with the Neighborhood Builders Program award.

2010  -  The Town of Palm Beach United Way and the United Way of Palm Beach County declared Urban Youth Impact a member agency.

2009  -  The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) accredited Urban Youth Impact's ongoing status as a trusted Christian ministry.

2006  -  The City of West Palm Beach and Mayor Lois Frankel honored Urban Youth Impact with the City’s Best Faith-Based/Nonprofit Outreach award. 

2002  -  The Nonprofit Resource Institute awarded Urban Youth Impact the Crystal Palm Award for Outstanding Emerging Nonprofit Organization.

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