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Pictured: (Left to Right: UYI's Director of Student and Staff Development Proverb Newsome, UYI's Chief Development Officer Dusty Rhodes, UYI's President/CEO Chris Tress, PBA's President Dr. Debra A. Schwinn, Carver Christian Academy's Principal Michele Rasmussen, UYI's Founder Bill Hobbs)

PBAU’s New President, Dr. Schwinn, Tours Urban Youth Impact, Explores Ideas to Impact the Inner-City

Dr. Debra A. Schwinn visited leaders at Urban Youth Impact recently to see the important effects our programs are having on this community. 


Nearly half of UYI’s staff are graduates of the university, and we are thrilled to see this powerful partnership transform the Palm Beach County community.


Her visit included a tour of our main campus in West Palm Beach to see Reframe (our career-and-college readiness program), The Leadership Academy (K-8 afterschool literacy, leadership, and life skills), Carver Christian Academy (Our private Christian school of academic excellence for at-risk youth), and our future building plans to reach even more inner-city children. 

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