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Urban Heartbeats: Makai’s Story – God Made My Heart Clean

Since the start of Urban Youth Impact 20 years ago, we have seen hundreds of inner-city youth and their parents positively impacted by our programs academically, emotionally and spiritually. We’re seeing children improve their reading scores, gain life skills, and find hope in Christ.

Makai is one of the many children in The Leadership Academy who found hope in God to face his personal struggles. Before he realized his God-given purpose and began to change, Makai would come to our program displaying anger and reacting in anger toward other students.

Children enter our program with varying circumstances and UYI is dedicated to love, equip and empower kids like Makai and their parents.

One day in chapel Makai learned that he could ask God to help him control his anger problems. He came back to chapel the next day and said, “Pastor Steve, my heart is dirty and I want to ask God to make it clean.” – That’s instilling hope in a child!

We invest in the whole child and believe that it’s more than just helping with academics, but helping children see their God-given potential. Makai is now filled with hope and as a result, he became motivated to focus on completing a full week of late homework assignments. One of the UYI volunteers said that Makai was now respectful and followed directions. He even started treating others in the classroom with respect and is courageously controlling his anger. That’s investing in a child!

Makai continues to hunger for God’s Word even several months after his Team Leader, Mrs. Lauren, gave him a Bible to take home. He tells her that he reads it by himself at night. What a perfect example of seeking God even in the midst of his struggles. When Makai earns a green zone for behavior, he spends time with Mr. Larry reading the Bible and asking lots of questions.

You can be a part of helping more youth like Makai by getting involved today. Get involved and help bring hope and a future to the inner-city.

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