Ariel Frazier

ariel frazierMy name is Ariel Frazier and I started in the Year Round Work Program about two weeks ago. I want to start off by saying I feel ex­tremely special and honored because I am the FIRST employee of the year round work program!


Freddie Canady

"My name is Freddie Canady and this is my testimony.   I’m humbled to finally realize that God has been calling me for my whole life, waiting for me to respond, waiting for me to listen.  Fatherless, I have found a father.  Directionless, I have found a direction.  Purposeless, I have found a purpose.  Bill Hobbs and the Urban Youth Impact Family were the change that changed me.

I grew up in a broken family with a father who was never around.  My Mother was addicted to Cocaine and my step-father was physically abusive. When I was six years old I ran away from home to live with my grandmother.


Ricky Aiken

Ricky AikenRicky knew the need for rescuing.  His mother was a cocaine addict; his older brothers in jail.  He lived on the streets, taking shelter when possible in a shack without running water or electricity.  At 16 he dropped out of school. 


Rosie Wright

Rosie WrightThis is Rosie Wright, your award winning Fried Chicken parent.

I just wanted to say thank you for all you do. I have seven children and all seven have been to Urban Youth. Kaneshia, my oldest has been a part of the after school program, KAA, Summer Jam,  Summer Work Program, and a mentor with the after school program. And we appreciate the much needed scholarship help for her attending Palm Beach State College. I’m so glad she had Urban Youth to help keep her focus and on the right path in life. Her sisters and brothers are following her path.  Jekhi, my youngest is in Kindergarten with Ms. Ami.


Travar Dixon

Travar Dixon grew up in the Tamarind Avenue community. Bill Hobbs met him when he was eight years old and prayed with him to receive Christ in the UYI van while taking a group of kids home.


Terryon Chapman

Terryon ChapmanTerryon Chapman also grew up in the hood but did not get involved with Urban Youth Impact’s programs while his brothers attended. He was led away by the streets and by 19 was serving time for armed robbery.


Kavonne Brooks

Kavonne BrooksKavonne Brooks lives off of Tamarind Avenue and is the mother of three girls.  Her fourth daughter was killed in a drive-by shooting at the age of 16.


Joey Brunache

Joey Brunache

Joey grew up as the youngest of eight brothers and one sister.  Although Joey had his mom and dad in the home and a number of siblings, Joey never felt as if he belonged.

His dad was around – he provided for the family – but he wasn’t really around.  He didn’t give Joey attention or bother to teach him about being a man.  What Joey did learn from his dad was a duplicitous lifestyle.  His father was both a pastor and a drug dealer.


Brenda Wright

Brenda WrightBrenda Wright was addicted to crack cocaine for fifteen years before giving her life to Christ.


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