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Volunteer, make a donation, come on staff, or get your church involved in mentoring inner-city youth. Your partnership will make a difference in the lives of inner-city youth and families in West Palm Beach.


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Urban Youth Impact Leadership Academy Helps Students Succeed in Every Way

by providing academic, social/emotional, physical and spiritual enrichment through the students’ formative years.

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Photography students

Urban Youth Impact's arts program gives students the opportunity to explore and develop their talents.

Students involved in the arts program have performed at The Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, community events, local churches, and The Leadership Academy's end of the year program.

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Urban Youth Impact Mission

Urban Youth Impact exists to love, equip and empower inner-city youth and their parents to fulfill their God-given purpose.

Founded in 1997, Urban Youth Impact serves the Tamarind Avenue corridor and surrounding area in West Palm Beach.  The area has notoriously high crime rates – almost three times the national average for all crime types.  32% of youth living in the community are not expected to graduate from high school, two-thirds live below the poverty level, and it is more likely that youth from our community will go to jail than graduate high school.

Through its programs, UYI seeks to reverse troubling trends and fulfill its mission by offering programs designed to develop critical life-skills that result in less juvenile crime, fewer teen pregnancies, less substance abuse, less child abuse/domestic violence, and fewer school drop-outs.

Video Testimonial

A Summer of "Firsts"

Cocoa and BebetoDo you remember some of your “firsts?” How about the first sport you ever played or the first speech you ever gave? Or maybe the first song you ever sang? Firsts always stand out in our minds, don’t they? I remember the first time I flew on a plane. I courageously boarded, slightly afraid the plane might crash. My Grandma met me at the gate when I arrived and for the next week I explored new places and experienced many “firsts” with her that summer.

Since we couldn’t put our students on a plane, we fictitiously traveled the United States in six-weeks—allowing them to explore Washington D.C., California, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and Florida.

Our students experienced new places and things through museums, parks, videos, art, dance and food--all of which provided an opportunity for several “firsts” this year at Summer Jam. “I helped make a movie for the first time,” said Myra (age 11). Her face was one big grin as she grabbed my hand and motioned for me to sit beside her during the Annual Summer Jam Talent Show and watch the movie that she helped makeFor some of our students it was their first performance—singing or dancing—in our talent Show. Others made their first sculpture or painted their first abstract piece of art.

For Cocoa (age 9) and Bebeto (age 12) it was their first time bowling. “I wasn’t very good,” said Cocoa. “I never hit a pin, and my ball rolled to the side every time.” However, she still listed it among her favorite things (along with skating), because both happened to be firsts. Bebeto proudly announced, "I got a strike!"

Even without a plane, there were many “firsts” stamped on our kids’ hearts this summer—the kind of stamps that never fade. Thanks for making these firsts possible through your giving. 

--Written by: Sarah Gregory

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Bill's Long Drive

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Leadership Academy

TLA provides students structured after-school educational assistance and enrichment.

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Learn how we're reshaping the thinking of teens and young adults through our year-round work program.

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Parent Programs

Monthly parenting classes, annual parents retreats, family picnics and ongoing family support.

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