Nowhere to go!

The doorbell rang this morning and there stood a young woman and her two small children.  They had nowhere to go.  Her name was Stephanie and she explained that she just came from the shelter down the street from UYI, but they had no room for her and her children.  She asked if she could use our phone to call the police.  She did not know what else to do.

In the meantime, Mr. Bill was in a meeting in his office, but heard a child crying.  A child’s cry is all it took for him to leave his meeting and investigate.   He sat and talked with Stephanie to learn her story.  The police arrived and also talked with Stephanie hoping they could do something to help her. 

Mr. Bill asked UYI staff to take action and do what they could to assist Stephanie, after all, we are here to Love, Equip and Empower those who cross our threshold and Bill believes that Devine intervention brought her to our door.  Our staff spent hours on the phone calling local non-profits that provide emergency assistance.   In addition, the two police officers also stayed for hours trying to find a solution.  We all knew if this mom could not find shelter for the night; DCF would have to get involved.  We all knew we didn’t want that to happen.

As the day went on, we realized the outlook for finding this family a place to stay tonight was bleak.  With that understanding, Mr. Bill made the decision to pay for food and shelter for this family for the weekend.  We would continue to look for a more permanent solution on Monday.

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