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Volunteer, make a donation, come on staff, or get your church involved in mentoring inner-city youth. Your partnership will make a difference in the lives of inner-city youth and families in West Palm Beach.


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Urban Youth Impact Leadership Academy Helps Students Succeed in Every Way

by providing academic, social/emotional, physical and spiritual enrichment through the students’ formative years.

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Photography students

Urban Youth Impact's arts program gives students the opportunity to explore and develop their talents.

Students involved in the arts program have performed at The Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, community events, local churches, and The Leadership Academy's end of the year program.

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Urban Youth Impact Mission

Urban Youth Impact exists to love, equip and empower inner-city youth and their parents to fulfill their God-given purpose.

Founded in 1997, Urban Youth Impact serves the Tamarind Avenue corridor and surrounding area in West Palm Beach.  The area has notoriously high crime rates – almost three times the national average for all crime types.  32% of youth living in the community are not expected to graduate from high school, two-thirds live below the poverty level, and it is more likely that youth from our community will go to jail than graduate high school.

Through its programs, UYI seeks to reverse troubling trends and fulfill its mission by offering programs designed to develop critical life-skills that result in less juvenile crime, fewer teen pregnancies, less substance abuse, less child abuse/domestic violence, and fewer school drop-outs.

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Miracles Happen-The email

Bill’s Story - How to Hire an Assistant Without Even Trying

I was in the process of trying to hire an Executive Assistant.  Reviewing application after application; interviewing and then following up with emails.  At some point, things became confusing and scattered or maybe it was me that became confused. 

I wanted to make sure that I followed up and thanked those who had interviewed with us.  Thinking that I was on top of things, I gave one of my staff three names to thank through email.  What I didn’t realize was that one of those names was Elayna Monts who I thought I had interviewed. 

When she received the email she kindly respond back and said, “thank you for your kind words, but we never met”... at that point it was obvious how much I needed an Executive Assistant!  I emailed her back and said, “as you can see Elayna I'm in desperate need of an assistance, when can you come in for an interview?” 

As this scenario unfolded I began to think it was just a coincidence.  Or was it divine intervention? When we met, it was clear that God had a plan for her to serve at UYI!

Elayna’s Story - A Job and Blind Faith

After nearly 20 years of working in the private sector I made the decision to leave the corporate world and return to my first love of working with a purpose.  I was no longer happy working in the private sector world.  Though I have directed ministries through the years and done what I thought I was being led to do…I no longer wanted my life divided in two…half of me being that Corporate Executive Assistant and the other half of me the volunteer who believes that we are our brothers’ keeper.  After much prayer, I knew the time had come to merge the two.  I would take the information I gained from a nearly 30 year career and use it to walk in the steps of my calling…to help others.

Now mind you, that’s all I knew.  I had no idea what God was going to do with me, but I knew this…when I prayed about it I was led to…

Isa 6:8 Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.  

With that, the only jobs I would apply for were with nonprofit organizations. 

One day, I found an advertisement for an Executive Assistant to the President of a nonprofit organization.    Okay, it said nonprofit so of course I will apply!!!

Two weeks later I was praying in the morning and said, “Lord, I haven’t heard anything from any of the nonprofit jobs I have been applying to.  Did I make a mistake?  Am I making this all up in my head?”

Later that same day, I received this email from Bill Hobbs:

Dear Elayna,

I enjoyed meeting with you. Thank you for your interest in the position at Urban Youth Impact. We are still interviewing. If there is a follow-up interview, we will be in touch.

May God continue to direct your steps.



I’m thinking….GOD  is directing my steps,  but this man doesn’t know it yet.  I smiled to myself and wrote back to Mr. Bill Hobbs:

Dear Bill, 

As much as I would love to say that I enjoyed meeting with you as well, we have never met nor have I ever interviewed with you.  I did indeed submit my resume and sent a letter of interest, but never heard from anyone in your ministry.  Let me say for the record, that I would be elated to interview for the position that you had posted for an Executive Assistant.  I am still in awe of what you do and the results that you achieve.  Maybe this error is really God's intervention?  Smile.
In any case, I wish you well and appreciate your kind words even if they weren't exactly meant for me. 
Elayna Monts

Bill wrote back right away and said, “…As you can see I desperately need an assistant.  However what times are you available on Friday for an interview?”

He then scheduled my first interview with him.  When I left the UYI office after that first interview, I was so sure that this was the place that God had been leading me to that as I drove down the street I couldn’t contain myself.  I drove into the Walgreens parking lot down the street from the UYI office, jumped out of my car and did a praise dance as if I was King David in 2 Samuel 6:14. 

Two weeks later, I was employed as Bill’s assistant…moral of the story?  Don’t stop five minutes before the miracle.


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