Change a child's life this summer

A campfire can change a life.  So can a field trip to the local beach or a trip halfway across the country to a camp tucked in the mountains of Missouri.  Each of these experiences offers new opportunities for the children we serve to learn about themselves and to realize how different life can be. They encounter hope as they get outside of the inner city, sometimes for the first time in their life.  

This summer, you have the opportunity to change a child’s life.  At Summer Jam, we’ll host 60 children daily for creative learning, field trips and fun recreation.  This year’s theme is “Broadening Your Horizons.”  You can sponsor a child for $350 for the seven-week program.  $50 will pay for a week at camp; $10 will allow one child to attend camp for a day.  That day could be the day they have that experience that will set their life on a different course.

In early June, forty-one children will climb on a bus and make a 26 hour trip to Branson, Missouri where they’ll spend a week at Kids Across America, a sleep-away camp designed for children from the inner city.  They’ll hike, swim in the lake, kayak, eat s’mores, sleep in cabins.  In short, they’ll be away from the asphalt, the chaos that often marks their lives, and the dangers that surround them.  Children simply aren’t the same when they return.  Their eyes are opened, their hope is renewed and their resolve is settled, giving them a readiness to overcome.  It costs $500 to send a child to this week-long camp.  $225 would pay for a child’s transportation to camp and back.  $51 will provide food for a child. 

We are just more than $10,000 away from our goal ($41,500) to make all these summer experiences happen for the children living in the inner city of West Palm Beach.  Please donate now and help change a life this season.

Thank you for investing in these special summer experiences that will love, equip and empower inner-city youth to fulfill their God-given purpose. 


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