Love looks like McDonald's

What does love look like to you?  The other day love looked like a bag of McDonald’s food.  There’s not much healthy (I know!) or significant about a takeout bag from McDonald’s usually, but this bag was special. McDonald's

DeAndre has been in our program for three years.  He has proven to be a constant challenge in many ways.  Often defiant, we know we’re confronting the fear and anger that comes from the fact that he lives in an unstable environment.

Michele, our 3rd Grade Team Leader, has done an exceptional job working with DeAndre this year providing boundaries and predictability, which have helped with his behavior.  Well, a few days ago, DeAndre was having a rough day, and was acting out by kicking…a lot.  Michele asked him to stop, imploring him to “make good choices” (from our Dream Pledge).  It took a bit, but he got himself under control and kept himself together for the remainder of the day.

As Michele witnessed the good choice DeAndre made, she remembered something he had said a few weeks before.  Exasperated one day, he exclaimed, “I just want some McDonald’s.” Michele knew what she would do – a bag of McDonald’s would be the ultimate incentive for his good behavior.  So the next day, she brought in the takeout bag and explained that because of his good choices and behavior, he had earned a tasty reward.

That brings me back to that simple takeout bag.  As DeAndre sat in our office kitchen, contentedly eating, I asked, “Are you the only one who gets McDonald’s?”  He nodded yes with a smile on his face (something we don’t see often from him).  Love looks like a teacher who is willing to go out of her way and pull money from her own pocket to satisfy a craving and come up with a meaningful reward. 

Love looks like a child whose home situation is far from ideal, sitting surrounded by staff members here who care for him, are proud of him for making a good choice, and who are filled with joy as they see a child eat some chicken nuggets!Your giving brings love into DeAndre’s life.  I don’t know about you, but love changed my life, and I’m confident as we are persistent in our love for DeAndre, his life will change too.  We continue to need your financial support as we love, equip and empower inner-city youth and their parents to fulfill their God-given purpose.

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